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Witchy Manifest Magic Sticker

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1. Vinyl Sticker 2. Water Proof 3. Glossy 4. 1 x 6 inches approx.
Manifestation= Intent+Action. Period.

Manifesting isn't about having pure positive thoughts about your goal every second of the day. That Is Impossible because we are humans with a spectrum of emotions and thoughts. Intent and action means something different to everyone for each of their goals. The key is keeping your initial intent and action working together. This will open the door for magic! This sticker is great for those who want to say it and be done! For spiritual babes and goal-oriented people and anyone who feels they need to be reminded of this or have it reaffirmed every time they look at their sticker! Place on water bottles, coolers, tool boxes, lockers, notebooks, folders, computer/ phone cases, etc!

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