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Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an incredibly protective stone. It works by repelling negative energies that may bring disharmony to one’s life. It also aids in uncovering truths one may not know about themselves. Black Obsidian is great for feeling more grounded to the Earth. This stone is a wonderful tool to shift one’s reality to a more positive place. A sense of inner confidence and strength will come with working with this stone.

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The Boho Depot

The Boho Depot is a lifestyle brand offering a curated collection of enchanting products that awaken your style, spirit, and space.

By pairing great love and respect for the bohemian culture with our keen eye for sourcing unique and handmade products, we have carefully created a full line of boho inspired goods available both online and in-person in our
Winston-Salem, North Carolina store.

Whether exploring the magical world of astrology and crystals, searching for the perfect boho dress, or redecorating your home in modern bohemian style, you can be proud to purchase from a small business
that is knowledgeable and honored to help you on your boho journey.

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    I ordered from The Boho Depot and they were so sweet and even included a bonus gift!! They are amazing and I will absolutely be ordering from them again in the future.

    Eclectic, charming, interesting, cool, refreshing…

    these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when walking into The Boho Depot.
    Great shop for thoughtful gifts or to find something special. A fun experience every visit!
    Shop local!

    This is where your bohemian dreams begin.

    They literally have everything you could ever want boho! Everything is hand selected, gorgeous, unique and creative. The name of this store is a perfect fit.