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Scratch-Off Oracle Cards

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Scratch off to reveal your mystical message! These truly unique little cards play with magical symbolism and use some of Sara's favorite recurring motifs from her own illustrations, creating quick little oracles to consult at a moment’s notice or give as a whimsical gift. Tiny fortune-tellers and intention setters can set the day’s mood, offer guidance, or help decide your destiny! With 18 different potential outcomes possible, all of them affirming, they’re designed to inject a little magical spark into your day. Some symbols give you something to look forward to or focus on; others encourage you to look Inward or take a moment for yourself. Each pack contains five 2½” square scratch-off cards (a mix of a fortune teller and intention setter designs), tucked into a resealable holographic zip bag. Each card has a 1” round glitter scratch-off surface on the front, concealing your magical message, and a key deciphering all 18 potential outcomes on the back.

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