The Callie throw rug on hanging up on a white background. The Callie throw rug has a bunch of light blues, oranges, and pinks. There are two orange borders and the space in the middle has a very light blue base with a darker blue design with orange floral like designs too.
A blonde girl wearing a light-colored dress sits on top of the Callie throw rug, the rug is on top of a bunch of rocks/rocky area near the beach.
The Callie throw rug on a bed with orange and light blue pillows with a rattan bed frame with a large plant on the right of the bed.
A girl standing in the middle of a trail in the woods with green trees on both sides of her, she is holding up the throw behind her showing off its design.

Callie Throw Rug - XL

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Imagine the worlds most versatile Rug that you can carry with you everywhere, from the Bed to the Beach and every adventure in between. Our unique Throw Rugs are made out of luxurious 100% Recycled Cotton fibers which are designed to last a lifetime.All Rugs are Size : Large 160 x 200cm

❊Bohemian styled Rug
❊Authentically woven
❊Perfect for summer days & winter nights
❊Two distinct patterns on each side
❊Thick & Durable
❊Measures 160x200cm and is generously sized to ensure there is enough warmth to go around
❊ Fits perfectly over a double-sized bed
❊ Exclusively designed by the Sunni Scenes team

Please note that photos are taken in bright light, please allow for color variations.

Weight: 4.5lb

Product care: ❊Cold & delicate wash ☤ Hang to dry