Blue Topaz Crystal - Rough

Blue Topaz Crystal - Rough

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100% genuine and natural, rough Blue Topaz pieces; size: 6-20 mm average - but size and shape will vary. Origin: from Brazil 

The picture is example ONLY | Please allow for natural variation in size, shape and color/hue. This listing is for one (1) rough gemstone. We recommend purchasing a minimum of 5 pieces to justify the shipping cost, but completely optional. 

Blue Topaz is regarded as a stone of peaceful energies. It can provide the user with better mental clarity and peace of mind. This clarity allows reflection on oneself for a better understanding of one's truth. Blue Topaz is also helpful by unblocking the throat chakra to allow for clearer communication of feelings and emotions. It can aid those who have speech-related fears. Blue topaz reflects the mind and its wisdom, which can aid in leading the user to successful opportunities. Blue Topaz brings forth prosperity and good fortune to those who possess it. Use Blue Topaz to help in finding inner confidence and control within.

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