The Blissful oil on a green leaf background. The bottle is a dark brown glass bottle with a white label that has the words “Blue Sage” in blue and has “Sage” in cursive, the word “Blissful” is in black and cursive. Beneath that there is a list of ingredients in a box on the right and some more information in a box on the left. And below that that it states the fluid ounces (0.338) and millimeters (10).
The Blissful oil sitting on a wooden surface in front of a green background.

Blissful Essential Oil Blend 10ml | 100% Pure

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Drift away into peace and comfort with this floral, citrusy, bright blend. Tangerine and Sweet Orange uplift while Patchouli and Ylang Ylang ground and comfort.

At first whiff, the top note of Ylang Ylang comes through with soft, sweet Earthiness, followed by the fresh zing of citrus, and based with the depth and strength of Patchouli.

Mix with your favorite carrier oil before heading out the door to run errands, or add eight drops to your diffuser in the morning to start your day off right. We love this blend for its ability to quickly bring you back to a feeling of joy on tough days. The possibilities are endless!