Stacks of the Assorted Scent Incense Cones in their tins with one leaning upright showing the label while another is open and lying down with an incense con on the lid all of which is on a white surface. The incense cone is light brown while the tin of the cones is black on the outside with a pink label that has a skull, leaf, hands, phases of the moons, and little stars in either black or white. The label states “Incense Cones” and “15 cones in assorted scents”.
An up-close image of the Assorted Scent Incense Cones’ tin with its label on a green background and other tins stacked.
An up-close image of the Assorted Scent Incense Cones tin opened with all the incense cones being shown off. Inside the tin is a piece of checkered paper underneath the cones. All on a green background.
A bird’s eye view of stacked incense cone tins with one next to the stack opened and has a burning incense cone on its lid next to a match. All on a white surface.

Assorted Scent Incense Cones

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Each tin holds fifteen assorted incense cones, each with a striking hand-illustrated label. Varied fragrances, such as lavender, dragon's blood, sage, vanilla, coconut, patchouli and jasmine, are included. The tin measures approximately 4 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches, making it an ideal gift for incense enthusiasts.