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Unicorn Glitter 7in Sticker

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Astral Weekend is an elf-adjacent, rainbow-saturated brand that collaborates with the best West Coast art weirdos to make affordable treasures for everyone. They donate 15% of the profits from our popular Etsy shop to their local Nisenan tribe and The Cofed, a BIPOC-led organization working for food and land justice.

Their stickers, buttons, apparel, magnets, candles, posters, pillows, stationary, and sun catchers are manufactured in the USA.

Their personal experience on the fringe of California culture informs everything we create. We serve the hippies, the road trippers, the goths, the gays, the riot grrrrls, the cat ladies, the herbalists, the nerds, the witches and wizards, and the people who just refuse to take it all too seriously.

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