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Historical Fashion Costume Paper Doll Toy Stickers

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1. Vinyl Sticker to resist scratches 2. Waterproof to protect the sticker during cleaning or water spills 3. Glossy for that professional look and feel 4. Dimensions- Medieval 1300s Blue Robe Dress- 2x3"inch approx. Rococo 1700s Gold Dress- 2.5x3"inch approx. Regency Era Dress- 2x4"inch approx. Victorian/Edwardian Dress- 2 x 3.5" inch 1920s Art Deco Flapper Dress- 2 x 3.5" inch approx. Mid Century Modern 1940s Dress- 1.5x3"inch approx. Hippie Chic 1970's Sizzler Dress- 2x3" inch approx. Power Dress 1980- 2 x 3.5 inch appx. 1990s Spaghetti Strap Dress- 2 x 3" inch approx. What does it mean; This is my love letter to time period pieces, the fashion, the drama, the whimsy! Who is it for; Time period dramas fans, fashion, antiques, paper dolls, antique toys, period costumes, Jane Austen, museum lovers, etc! Where to put it; Place on water bottles, coolers, tool boxes, lockers, notebooks, folders, computer/ phone cases, carts, helmets, skateboards, kayaks, sewing machines, etc!

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