The synergy oil on a white background. The bottle is a dark brown glass bottle with a white label that has the words “Blue Sage” in blue and has “Sage” in cursive, the word “Synergy” is in black and cursive. Beneath that there is a list of ingredients in a box on the right and some more information in a box on the left. And below that that it states the fluid ounces (0.338) and millimeters (10).
The synergy oil bottle on a wooden surface in front of a wall that has jars of herbs.
A top view of the bottle without the cap showing the shape of where the oil falls out.

Synergy Essential Oil Blend 10ml | 100% Pure

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SYNERGY BLEND 10ml 100% Pure essential oil. We chose the name Synergy for this blend because it truly is the epitome of separate parts coming together to make one dynamic powerhouse. The oils in this blend are bonafide on their own, but put together you have a blend that we like to nickname the "mack daddy". This blend does it all. It's anti-microbial, anti-viral, uplifting, grounding, stabilizing, cleansing, and just straight up wonderful. The endless uses for this oil make it a must have in your collection!