Nine of the Banish Votive Candles on a silver tray, and the tray is on a white fluffy fabric. The votive candle is white with a  mixture of herbs on top and has a brown string tied around the candle which keeps a white tag attached to the candle. The tag has a dark gray tree on the left and says “Banish” and has some other information attached.
An angled picture of the candles on the silver tray.
A single votive candle lying down on white fluffy fabric.

Banish Ritual Herbal Votive Candle

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Exorcise negativity with our banish ritual herbal candle. Fixed with herbs and roots to thoroughly cleanse your space, when used in ritual this 2oz votive is designed to provide a spiritual clean sweep. Ideal for ridding your space of stubborn energies or entities, after heavy energy work, or for cleansing a new home.