Aquamarine Crystal Sphere 20 - 25mm (mini)

Aquamarine Crystal Sphere, 20-25mm (mini)

The listing is for one sphere. This Sphere is a perfect Gemini crystal.
Calling all cosmic daydreamers and sea-seeking adventurers! Our Mini Aquamarine Spheres are the perfect way to catch a little bit of that magical oceanic energy, and bring it with you wherever you go!

These petite pieces of gemstone magic are absolutely breathtaking, with varying shades of blue ranging from pale aqua to almost Larimar colors. Each one is unique and, depending on the stone, can have hues or saturations that glow subtly in different ways. Not only will they add a splash of color to your décor, but the flashes of light make these spheres shine brighter than any star in the sky.

Aquamarine is naturally associated with our throat chakra – amplifying clarity when expressing emotions, and boosting courage when things get tough.

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