AMANDA | Bolero Hat
AMANDA | Bolero Hat

AMANDA | Bolero Hat

 This structured bolero hat features a polyester suede outer, 3.5" brim, and 4" crown. Its delicate off-white and pink embroidered trim perfectly compliments the elastic inner band for a snug fit.

SIZE :M/L 56 cm- 59 cm (22.04"-23.2")

Please note, hat features including suede color may vary slightly from piece to piece. These hats are individually hand crafted by artisans, each with its own unique character. We want your new hat to be as unique as the person wearing it and consider this a contribution to the unique character of each hat.

Cleaning: Remove surface dirt/dust from the hat by brushing loose dust off with a light-colored brush then using a clean, damp cloth and gently rubbing counter-clockwise towards the back.

Handling: Do not wear it if it’s raining. Never handle your hat by the crown, always by the brim. Never rest a hat on its brim. Rest your hat upside down on a flat, clean surface to prevent the brim from distorting or flattening.

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