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It’s The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse (of the heart)!

I’m sorry, y’all. I’m almost 40 and can’t remember what I did yesterday, but I hear the phrase ‘total eclipse,' and I’m relentlessly singing every word of that song.
Bonnie Tyler, girl, I hope you did it all. 

Now that we have that musical monkey off our back let’s chat about why we’re here today. A not-so-warm and fuzzy total solar eclipse enters our peaceful atmosphere on April 8th. EEEEK! And I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a gigantic ball of negative energy entering my personal space anytime soon – OK! Therefore, I am counting on a few of my crystal babies to calm me all the way down and help me navigate this event responsibly and peacefully.

Here are the five crystals (it doesn’t have to be all 5 - even one will work) that I highly recommend working with during times of emotional turmoil and negative energy shifts like this one. I see you already have some questions.
Allow me to clarify:

Q: But isn’t this eclipse super cool?
A: The nerd in me is unraveling. But because this is a ‘total’ solar eclipse, meaning the moon is larger than the sun for these few minutes, causing all direct sunlight to be blocked (darkness), it brings heightened energy into our worlds, sometimes negative energy, but also an opportunity to unearth and work through the darker emotions or hidden feelings we have. We won’t get too crazy deep with it today. Still, crystals – significantly these five mentioned here – will help offset and shield you from the negativity while allowing you to take advantage of the energetic platform the eclipse brings in hopes of offering healing and transition.

Q: Do I need to be concerned since you used the word ‘survive’ in the title?
A: I may exaggerate just a bit in general. It's worth knowing—glad you brought that up.

Q: I don’t know much about crystals, so….
A: So that’s a statement, but I’ll allow it. And that’s totally OK. If, at the end of this read, you decide it may be fun to check out a local rock shop (or mine if you’re extra cool – The Boho Depot), that’s a win for me. I love sharing the little bits of crystal knowledge I’ve learned over the last few years of working with these beautiful rocks. Before that, I was a novice, too.
And at the end of this (literally, it’s at the end), there’s a cheesy but satisfying playlist for your eclipse-viewing enjoyment.

Q: Since I’ve just explained that I don’t know much about crystals, how do I ‘work’ with them for these positive results?
A: You can start by getting to know them after you pick out the ones(s) that speak to you. Hold them in your hand while watching TV, or keep them close in your pocket to get to know each other. You don’t have to do anything more unless you want to expand your energy work with your crystals. That could include meditation, gridding, shadow work, and even mining for your own if you get super nuts about them like me HA! They can even sit on your shelf until/if you are ever ready to love them more. You got this – let’s chat about the five crystals recommended for this event and any other stressful time.

5 Crystals to Help You Survive the Total Solar Eclipse

5 Crystals for the Solar Eclipse

1 – Black Moonstone Crystal
Whew, child—don’t turn your back on this stone. She is flashy and makes you look (I mean, she is a moonstone, after all), but this crystal is in touch with her moodier side and likes to play in the dark. Used often in shadow work, it helps discover and work through hidden trauma. It is seriously intense but magical.

2 – Flower Agate Crystal
The Boho Depot’s current favorite crystal right now - what, what! The Flower Agate stone is one of the ‘lighter’ crystals on this list regarding how it will feel when you work with her and its feminine appearance. She doesn’t hyperfocus on banishing bad vibes but instead allows you to embrace your new opportunities and beginnings delicately and intentionally. This crystal makes you feel like turning on some yacht rock while sipping champs, all before heading to the ballet. She’s a real girly girl, that one. Just in the shop: Green Flower Agate tumbles. OMG.

3 – The Amethyst
Amethyst Almighty.
Confession: I went through an amethyst-hating phase not too long ago, and I am a monster for having done so. Who turns their back on the OG? The Grand High Witch herself?? I did – and I have a lot of crystals helping me through that negative time in my life as a result. But the good news is that I’m back to properly respecting this powerhouse of a stone, and you will surely understand what I mean once you embrace all she has to offer. Forgive me, queen. Forgive me.
Amethyst comes in many colors, including black amethyst, my favorite.

4 – Red Jasper Crystal
This spicy earth treasure is associated with your Root Chakra (the VIP Chakra). Red Jasper benefits include helping you stay grounded in the Earth, especially during energetic shifts like the total solar eclipse.

5 – Black Tourmaline Crystal
Ahhh, the infamous Black Tourmaline Stone—the master of absorbing negative energies and all things yuck. This powerful child will suck it right on up. If you’re looking for a perfect crystal for protection, look no further because the master protector has arrived.
Get you some, OK?

6 - Selenite
(Bonus crystal: EEEK! I make the rules, and I break the rules, OK?).
Selenite is basically perfection on Earth. She may seem laid-back and ordinary (how dare I!), but this girl is HOT and full of purification and cleansing properties. She is an excellent beginner stone but remember her splintery ways.

5 Crystals to Help You Survive the Total Solar Eclipse

You’re welcome. You now have a legitimate reason to go out and purchase more crystals and connect with your local rock shops – talk about a space with good energy. But if you’re anti-social like I sometimes or often am, feel free to check out the pretty sweet crystal selection my store, The Boho Depot, offers at www.thebohodepot.com. Each product sold at The Boho Depot, including our crystals, is hand-selected by me because I’m a crazy person with extremely high standards, and I want only the best for you, Wild Thing.

Crystals are very personal and extremely special – and many people try to replicate them by putting cheap/fake stones out there. So do your due diligence when crystal shopping, enjoy the good energy you will receive (and ride out the bad; it’s only temporary), and please contact me if I can help find you the perfect crystal for your starter or expanding collection.

Oh, and as promised, here is your solar playlist (space jams?) for your cosmic celebration!

Love, Peace, & Boho
Shanna - The Boho CEO
The Boho Depot, LLC.

 5 Crystals to Help You Survive the Total Solar Eclipse


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