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'WITCHY WOMAN!' Ritual Wand (Black Sage + Cinnamon Stick + Broom!) -- use this spiritual tool to enhance your sacred and magical witchy rituals. BLACK SAGE, also known as Witch's Herb is a powerful lunar herb that can enhance psychic powers, dreams and visions. It is often burned before crystal ball gazing and other forms of divination. CINNAMON STICK Cinnamon is a known strengthener of magical intention = yielding more powerful results. BROOMSTICK Every witch needs a mini broomstick.. RIGHT?! *** GREAT GIFT FOR THE 'WITCHY WOMAN' that loves casting spells.

To Use: 1. Remove tag/broom from wand. 2. Place your Ritual Yerba Santa Wand on a heat-proof burning surface like a ceramic bowl, shell or pot. Light the bundle until it begins to smoke. 3. Once you have a nice smoke going, use your hand to direct smoke through your space. Visualize the smoke taking away all that which you desire to clear. Once your space is cleaned extinguish your bundle in a heat-proof bowl or vessel.

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