A picture of the essential oil rollers within the essential oil roller wooden display. The rollers are made of a light brown glass with a black top. The rollers have a white label with the words “Blue Sage” in light blue and cursive, and the title of the oil in black, with a specific symbol/design and more information about the blends.
In this image there are five of the rollers (clarity, deep sleep, refresh, synergy, and taken). All on a white background.
In this image there are five of the rollers (asshole repellent, bitch be gone, hold on let me overthink this, not enough sage for this shit, and not today satan). All on a white background.

Essential Oil Rollers by Blue Sage

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Welcome to Blue Sage! Our story started in the basement of our home, woodworking and creating decorative wood pieces finished with non-toxic stains and oils. We loved making shelves for essential oils, and all of our wood oil was infused with essential oils as well, so it felt like a really natural direction to start our own line.

🍃Our oils are sourced directly from distillers all over the world, with a focus on indigenously grown crops without the use of pesticides. We feel strongly that plant medicine should be accessible and of the highest quality.

5 Column with "Funny Rollers": Asshole Repellent; Bitch Be Gone; Hold on, let me overthink this; Not Today Satan; Not Enough Sage for This Shit - "Classic Rollers": Clarity; Deep Sleep; Refresh; Synergy; Taken