Tower - Peach Moonstone | Peach Moonstone Point

Peach Moonstone Tower | Peach Moonstone Point


Peach Moonstone has the ability to identify emotional patterns. It is particularly useful in emotional healing for both genders. The Peach Moonstone Tower releases a balancing and healing energy from its apex that has a calming and soothing effect on one's emotional state. It supports the heart while stimulating the mind to soothe anxiety, depression, worry and anger. Stimulates confidence and composure bringing out the best in people.

This makes it ideal for use in Reiki, Massage, Healing therapies, and Spiritual practices. Can be placed at home or office as a beautiful decor piece. It helps females access their Divine Feminine intuition, clairvoyance and spirituality. Ideal gift for expecting mothers as it is one of the most beneficial crystals for pregnancy.

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