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Paw And Nose Balm For Dogs

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Paw and nose balm for you dogs skincare needs. Not only does our skin get dry and cracked from the harsh elements of winter and summer, so does your 4 legged best friends skin. This is NOT wax, or a protective barrier like other products. This is simply a fast, absorbing balm for their dry skin....yes, your pets have dry skin just like us!

Use this balm during the cold winter months too and keep their nose and paws from drying out and cracking. This listing is for a 4 oz tin of Paw & Nose Balm.
4 simple ingredients. Nothing artificial or harmful for your dog. You can apply this before their trip outside to offer protection against the elements. It is not a barrier but would be comparable to us putting a hydrating lotion on our hands before heading outside. Once they return inside, wipe their paws and apply again to help keep their paws or nose moisturized.

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