Ornaments 4 Orphans - Colorful Hearts Flowers and Dots

Ornaments 4 Orphans - Colorful Hearts, Flowers and Dots, Various Colors

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Give your heart away with these charming Embroidered Heart Ornaments! Our unique hearts are handmade by artisans in Peru, South America using traditional craftsmanship. Each vibrant heart is hand embroidered with flowers and a spray of tiny, textured dots. No two hearts are exactly alike. Each heart will vary in colors and patterns. Choose from nine solid heart colors to share as memorable gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or throughout the year. Dimensions: 4.5" high x 4.5" wide Materials: sheep wool, yarn Ornaments 4 Orphans is a member of the fair trade federation. Every purchase strengthens families, enriches communities, and helps orphans and vulnerable children in the areas the items are sourced.