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Mindful Minute Activity Cards BUNDLE for health & wellness

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This bundle includes Mindfulnice's original Mindful Minute Activity Card deck AND the NEW Mindful Minute Activity Companion Card deck. The original card deck includes 31 cards with activities in 4 categories: Mindful Awareness, Breathing Exercises, Loving Kindness practices, and Gratitude practices. The NEW companion pack is half the size of the original and is meant to be an expansion of the first deck. It features 2 new categories to explore in your mindfulness journey: Mindful Movement and Making Connections. These decks can be sold in your shop separately or together as a bundle for a slightly discounted rate. You can also purchase each deck separately in other listings in my Faire shop. For this listing, you will receive both decks...So, if you order the minimum of 5, you will receive 5 sets (10 packs of cards, 5 of each deck).



So, so cute and reasonably priced! I wish my home looked like this store.

Natalie D.

Eclectic, charming, interesting, cool, refreshing…these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when referencing The Boho Depot.

North Carolina

This is where you bohemian dreams begin. They literally have everything you could ever want boho! Everything is hand selected, gorgeous, unique and creative. The name of this store is a perfect fit ❤️❤️

Jordan C.