'Grow an Indoor Jungle' Houseplant Seed Kit

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Start growing your own houseplants from seed with our houseplant seed kit!

The kit includes the following: - 1 12-cavity mini greenhouse with dome - 1 coconut fiber soil pod - 5 beautiful tropical seed varieties: Beginner Kit: 20 Hypoestes Phyllostachya “Pink Polka Dot” seeds, 20 Hypoestes Sanguinolenta “White Polka Dot” Seeds, 20 Asparagus Asparagoides Smilax “Bridal Creeper” Seeds, 20 Rainbow Coleus Seeds, 20 Radermachera Sinica “China Doll” Seeds Intermediate kit: 20 Hypoestes Santuinolenta "White Polka Dot Plant" Seeds, 20 Lace Fern seeds, 20 Ficus Altissima seeds, 20 Philodendron Hope seeds, 20 Black Dragon Coleus Seeds - 1 care guide

These seed kits are great for gardeners of all levels and experience! They are easy enough to germinate for beginners, and are very fresh and high quality seeds to add to an experienced indoor gardener's collection :)

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