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Foot Nourishment Stick Tea Tree

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This Foot Nourishment Stick aka The Go-To Stick in TEA TREE is a great find for anyone with (foot care) skincare needs. A nourishing lotion stick for just about anywhere. An anti-fungal topical. Or feet that just need some extra softness. It's all about self-care! The top seller in my store year-round! Both men and women love and benefit from this product. The oils and beeswax in this formula create instant moisture coverage. Get your feet summer ready! This is best applied at bedtime followed by a pair of socks to help keep the product on your feet and off your sheets. Can be applied during awake hours, just apply and cover with socks and shoes.

One of the main ingredients in all of my products is our local beeswax. Beeswax benefits are endless. With over 300 components, including fatty acids and hydrocarbons, it has amazing skin healing benefits. It has abundant hydrophobic protective properties, creating a barrier from the environment. Size -2 ounce roll-up tube

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