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Floral Sage Smudge w/Palo Santo

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These cleansing energy wands are handcrafted using pure and sacred ingredients. Traditionally used for centuries to purify, cleanse and revamp your energy. Each bundle is wrapped with organic help spring, sustainable white sage and locally sourced rose petals for positivity and self love. Sustainable California white sage, palo santo, rose petals, hemp cord. Dimension: 5-6 inches. Each piece is unique. Size and color varies from bundle to bundle



So, so cute and reasonably priced! I wish my home looked like this store.

Natalie D.

Eclectic, charming, interesting, cool, refreshing…these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when referencing The Boho Depot.

North Carolina

This is where you bohemian dreams begin. They literally have everything you could ever want boho! Everything is hand selected, gorgeous, unique and creative. The name of this store is a perfect fit ❤️❤️

Jordan C.