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First Line - Skin Nourishment In A Stick 2 ounce

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Skin Nourishment is relief for your skin in a stick! This balm in a stick is just what your problem skin needs. This balm will have you wishing you found this before all the other expensive creams, lotions and topical treatments you've tried. Great for feet or any extra tough skin condition. This natural handcrafted balm may handle that itch, scratch, abrasion, bump, irritation and other skin issue.

The all natural simple, calming ingredients begin with beeswax. With over 300 components of fatty acids and hydrocarbons (among other substances) it has amazing skin healing benefits. Hydrophobic protective properties create a barrier from the environment. It is also considered to be effective in healing burns, bruises, chapped/cracked skin and even inflammation. Recent research has begun to focus on antimicrobial properties. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is infused with a specific blend of propolis, calendula, plantain and chamomile.

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