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Cannabis & Crystals Soy Gemstone Candle

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Our Cannabis & Crystal Candle is made with Non-GMO Soy, a hemp wick, and is Cannabis & Agarwood scented. Each candle contains at minimum 25 random, raw crystals on top. Simply wash off with water once the candle has burnt fully and add them to your collection! 

The sizes of these crystals range from small to large, each candle is unique and carefully crafted to fill the entire surface area in a colorful, artistic way. The size of this tin is 8oz. This candle uses Cannabis Fragrance and does not actually contain Cannabis, CBD, or THC. The candle does contain Hemp Oil. Each candle comes with a vinyl Crystals & Cannabis decal on the top lid of the container. Simply peel this off and reuse! Professionally printed.

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