Butterfly Phone Grip

Butterfly Phone Grip

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Wood Butterfly Phone Grip Add your wood phone grip to the back of your phone case to easily text, take selfies or use as a tv stand! It will seriously make your life so much easier! Size : One size Color Base: Black or White backs are available PLEASE NOTE: All designs are handcrafted and one of a kind. Not one wood piece looks the same, they are all uniquely handcrafted. please do not leave your phone grip in the direct sun! The adhesive will melt. CARE: These phone grips are solid wood. To get the longest life out of them, please handle with care. Unnecessary rough handling can result with them cracking/splitting along the grain. Wood is also vulnerable to the elements (fire, liquids etc.), please keep them dry and in a safe place.

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So, so cute and reasonably priced! I wish my home looked like this store.

Natalie D.

Eclectic, charming, interesting, cool, refreshing…these are some of the adjectives that come to mind when referencing The Boho Depot.

North Carolina

This is where you bohemian dreams begin. They literally have everything you could ever want boho! Everything is hand selected, gorgeous, unique and creative. The name of this store is a perfect fit ❤️❤️

Jordan C.