The 11:11 Make a Wish Sticker on a white background. The sticker has the words “11:11 Make a wish, bishhh”. The “11:11” has varying pinks and orange toned colors. While the “Make a wish” is in light pink and the “bishhh” in a lighter orange.
The 11:11 Make a Wish Sticker on a white tumbler along with two other colorful stickers.
This image has a pink watercolor background with the words “Waterproof Sticker” on top.

11:11 Make A Wish Sticker 90s Sticker

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The 11:11 Make a Wish Sticker is perfect for decorating your water bottle, laptop, and more for a bit of extra charm. Crafted with durable, waterproof, and matte material, this cute sticker is sure to make your wish come true!

Size: 2 x 3 inches

Material: Thick durable vinyl for sunlight and scratch protection